Wilson Dental Library

DEN 21, MC 0641 Main Phone: 740-6476 DirectorThompson, Annie M., MSLS 740-1441 Services Circulation Desk/Renewals 740-0008 Computer Technical Support 740-6480 Fax Number 748-8565 Hours/Directions 740-6476 Interlibrary Loans 740-8578 New books/Gifts 740-8567 Photocopy Service 740-8578 Reference 740-1439 Reserve Books 740-8567 Serials 740-1440

Residential Education

STU 200, MC 4892 Main Office Senior DirectorSandoval, Emily 740-2520 Associate Director, UPCHunter, Erin 821-2143 Associate Director, NUPCBurlew, Grant 740-6277 Office Administration Business ManagerHosik, Nazeli 740-2078 Administrative AssistantKhatchadourian, Taleen 740-2079 Residential Community Standards AD – Resident Community StandardsKashiwazaki, Ko 821-8503 North & South Residential Colleges AD – Birnkrant, New North, & South Res CollegesMurakami, Derek…

Office of the Comptroller

Office of the University Comptrollerhttps://comptroller.usc.edu/UGB 205, MC 8006 Main Phone: 821-1900Main Fax: 746-4567 Vice President, University ComptrollerBrink, Erik 821-1900 Interim University ComptrollerPorter, Casandra 821-1900 Associate Vice President, Deputy University ComptrollerBurnett, TaNisha 821-1900 Associate Vice President, Deputy University ComptrollerMauro, Lila 821-1900 Assistant Vice President, Associate ComptrollerStepanian, Peggy 821-1900 Assistant Vice President, Associate ComptrollerFoster, Dennis 821-1900 Director…

Verification Department

An Official Academic Record Verification letter is a record summary that provides the dates of attendance at the university and any related statuses such as class level, full- or part-time enrollment, and degrees awarded. Individual course and grade information is not provided.

Veterans Certification

The USC Veterans Certification Office certifies enrollment for USC students who apply and are eligible for educational assistance administered by the Veterans Administration. The office forwards enrollment certifications to regional offices of the Veterans Administration, provides assistance to students with problems related to the Veterans Administration educational (or covered) programs and maintains a reference file…

Recreational Sports Department

The mission of USC Recreational Sports is to provide the university community the opportunity to pursue a balanced, healthy lifestyle through participation in recreational activities.

Pediatrics – Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles

CHLA MS#71 Main Phone (323) 361-2266 Main Fax (323) 361-3719 ChairPolk, D. Brent (323) 361-2278 Vice Chair – Medical EducationManiscalco, Jennifer (323) 361-4523 Vice Chair – Faculty DevelopmentGomer, Charles (323) 361-2335 Associate Chair – Faculty DevelopmentNelson, Kathleen (323) 361-2335 Director of the Saban Research InstitutePolk, D. Brent (323) 361-2278 Vice Chair – ResearchKipke, Michele (323)…

USC Auxiliary Services Transportation

https://transnet.usc.edu/ DirectorMazza, Anthony 740-9175 Senior Associate DirectorGarcia, Michelle 740-1924 Associate Director, HSCDonovan, David (323) 442-5509 Senior ManagerAguilar, Noel 764-5964 Administrative Assistant IIVillalba, Sharon 821-4692 Manager, Permit Sales/T2 Systems AdministratorRavard, Christopher 764-5960 ParkingEntrances /Reservations Parking Permits/Information 740-3575 Parking Reservations 740-9339 Sr. Manager, Guest RelationsChavez, Brian 740-4545 Special Events Sr. Manager, Special Events & EnforcementBautista, Gerson 740-9930…

Trojan Marching Band

STO-B, MC 1141 DirectorBartner, Art 740-6317 Associate Director, ArrangerFox, Anthony 740-6317 Special Events Program CoordinatorSanchez, Jessica 740-6317 Special Projects ManagerWiese, Cynthia 740-6317 Project SpecialistMeier, Gretchen 740-6317 Arts Laboratory TechniciansCarlson, GregoryCarpenter, CharlesChua, BenjaminCollins, JeffreyPadelford, Brett 740-6317740-7879740-6317740-6317740-6317 Unless otherwise noted, the area code for all telephone and fax numbers is 213.


https://www.usc.edu/mailing UPX, MC 7777 Main Phone: 821-1200Main Fax: 749-9821 DirectorCarter, Shannon 821-1246 Accounting ManagerChiang, Ling 821-1241 Accounting SupervisorPark, Joni 821-1257 SupervisorMac Adam, Roy 821-1026 SupervisorAldama, Angelo 821-1222 Unless otherwise noted, the area code for all telephone and fax numbers is 213.